The first rule attached to Alabama's state-record application form states that in order for a fish to qualify as a record, the boat must have left from and returned through an Alabama port. That means even if Shook had steered the boat to Zeke's through Perdido Pass on returning, the fish still wouldn't have qualified under Alabama rules.

Ironically, the fish won't qualify as a Florida state record, either. That lofty spot has been held for nearly 30 years by a 116-pound cubera caught by Billy Graham in July 1979. Despite that fish's size, it's 5 pounds short of the 121-pound, 8-ounce International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record caught by Mike Hebert off Louisiana in 1982.

Strangely, the world's No.1 cubera is 3 pounds lighter than the 124-pound, 8-ounce fish Marion Rose brought to the scales in 2007 to claim the Louisiana state record. It's unclear why Rose's fish isn't No. 1, and IGFA officials weren't available to comment Friday afternoon.


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