The Common, Comet, and Shubunkin varieties of goldfish are similar to wild carp (except for colour). They are hardy and can grow to a large size. Other more fancy varieties have been developed.

The main fancy varieties are: Black Moor, Bubble eye, Butterfly tail, Calico, Celestial eye, Fantail, Lionchu, Lionhead, Oranda, Panda Moor, Pearlscale, Pompom, Ranchu, Ryukin, Telescope eye, and Veiltail.[10] Rare fancy varieties include: Tosakin or curly fantail, Jikin or peacock tail, Shukin, Tamasaba or sabao, Meteor goldfish, Egg-fish goldfish, Curled-gill goldfish or reversed-gill goldfish, Mirror-scale goldfish.


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